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  • Treasures from Paradise Lees verder
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  • Golden weekend treasures Lees verder
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  • Sandstar Elegant amp Cry Baby yourjewelrydealer Lees verder
  • Introducing our 14k solid GOLD linethe first pieces are live
  • MARLIJN Lees verder
  • Boutique BY1OAK Pop in before 6pm Lees verder
  • Second skin shiny 811 mm amp onyx stud chain Lees
  • Cuff bracelet in Silver and Gold exclusively on BY1OAKcom Lees
  • Blood Coral amp Sleeping beauty Turquoise Lees verder
  • Flower Power kissmecrazy ring motherpearl Lees verder
  • Ballerina hoops in 30 amp 42 mm  Kiss and
  • Earrings all over Lees verder
  • Beauty and Simplicity earring available at BY1OAKcom Lees verder
  • Mother Nature necklacegemstones Lees verder
  • Marlijn Lees verder
  • Hey You Ticket to Paradise amp Sun kissed rings Lees
  • Summer feelings yourjewelrydealer Lees verder
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  • ERIN Lees verder
  • Summer ear Lees verder
  • Bee ring justadded Lees verder
  • Tropical touchLet the sunshine in x Heart of a Hero
  • Its Friday! Today we are open from 126 for jewelry
  • On fire x Soldier x Stories in the dark earings
  • Gold Lovers by billierosegent Lees verder
  • ELISE with her True Colors necklace Lees verder
  • Silver sparkles yourjewelrydealer Lees verder
  • Weekend essentials shot by lisafeliks Lees verder
  • SUMMER18 Tropical Touch collection is available NOW Lees verder
  • SUMMER18 Tropical Touch collection is available NOW Lees verder
  • DOUTZEN wearing BY1OAK bracelets for Hunkemller Styled by jessedonker Lees
  • Soldiers in 8 amp 11 mm earrings classichoops yourjewelrydealer Lees
  • Beach look Coral Hold me tight amp Unbreakable 14k gold
  • CATO lostinamoment necklace gold onyx amp freeasabird earring Lees verder
  • Boutique hours Today 126pm Saturday 26 125pm boutiqueby1oak yourjewelrydealer Lees
  • BY1OAK x KANPATHA Piercing PopUp Thank you all for coming
  • Treasures from Paradise Lees verder
  • Treasures from the Sea  corals amp shelves only today
  • BUTTERFLYS Today and tomorrow we will piece with this 18k
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  • Sneak Peek Summer18 Tropical Touch collection Find these New beautys
  • We hope to See you this Friday and Saturday when
  • Ticket to Paradise Lees verder
  • Dreamgirl doutzen wearing BY1OAK jewels for her hunkemoller campaign Styling
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  • Talking rings wwwby1oakcom yourjewelrydealer Lees verder
  • Queen of the night Ocean sparkles amp Diamond mess earrings
  • Treasures from Paradise SS18 yourjewelrydealer Lees verder
  • Beach look Coral Hold me tight amp Unbreakable necklaces mothersdaygift
  • Golden lights on the pretty elisevantzand by1oakgirls Lees verder
  • Treasures from Paradise mess Lees verder
  • Queen of the night Come together fancy amp Bee earrings
  • Flowerbomb Lees verder
  • Soldier amp Stories in the dark earrings Lees verder
  • Trowback to Sunny days stunner Cato with her Lost in
  • True romance Lees verder


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